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Lukáš Marvan

Senior UX Designer at Avast

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How to design a design workshop

Since BoB is a member of the MSD IT Discovery team, his daily routine is to prepare and run large design workshops (in addition to Design Sprints).
In his talk, he'll be sharing some tips and tricks for workshop design, preparation, and organization that he has learned in practice. The presentation will mainly focus on people and execution since methodology tends to vary. However, he will briefly touch on the methodology used by the MSD team as well. The goal is to provide you with some extra knowledge that you can take and apply in your everyday professional life.

BoB believes his tips will be useful for you whether you run small 2-hour workshops with a couple of people or larger sessions with tons of people that run over a longer period of time (eg. three days). All current and future facilitators are welcome.

About Lukáš Marvan

Bob works as a Senior UX designer at MSD IT (you might know them as the hosts of UX Monday). As he is part of Discovery team the design workshops are his daily routine. Before joining the team at MSD, he worked at both AVG and Seznam, and he has over 10 years of experience in design and research. With the support of the UX Association, he also designed and implemented a traveling exhibition on digital design ( and a survey of UX professionals in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (