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Bohumil Pokštefl

CEO at Kontentino


How to create social content and ads just like an advertising agency

At his workshop, Bohumil will teach you how to create social media content the right way. He'll also be sharing the best way to create a content plan and how advertising agencies do it! You'll get to try everything yourself and get immediate feedback, so bring your laptop with you!

About Bohumil Pokštefl

Bohumil studied Innovation and Operation Management in Copenhagen. He went on to work at West Virginia University, where he was in charge of their marketing strategy. In March 2016, he returned to Slovakia, where he got an offer to join the team at Triad Advertising and take over their internal software Kontentino. 

After just 2 years, he and his team were able to get Kontentino into more than 500 agencies and brands around the world--mainly due to advertising on social media sites. Today, the software is used by famous brands, such as ASAHI beer and Volvo, as well as advertising agencies like BBDO, Ogilvy, or VML.