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Ondřej Machart

Senior UX Designer at ARGO22


How to Build an Evil-Free Social Network: Olympic Case Study

We have digitized so much of our everyday life, it started impairing our basic human interactions. Instead of winning the race in keeping people more engaged with devices, we may soon face the challenge of keeping people offline, connected to each other. We accepted this challenge last year and built a micro-social network for olympic athletes - one that would value real-life experiences over digital ones. In a practical case study, we’ll look at what happened in PyeongChang.

About Ondřej Machart

Czech UXer at @argo22, currently living in Manila, Philippines. Speaker, author and co-founder at @ctvrtkon community. You’ve met his work if you’ve ever traveled with @cestujlevne or paid through @gopay. Also a big fan of story-telling and getting lost while backpacking. Always feels like a weirdo while taking selfies or writing his bio in 3rd person.