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Dmitry Gaiduk

CEO at CoolTool


Getting The Full Picture: Why We Should Measure Implicit Responses and Keep an Eye On Explicit Indicators as Well

People say one thing, and then do something completely opposite. You can do A/B testing, conduct surveys, improve the design, change messages and colors, but can you say exactly what affects the consumer's decision? The success of the product remains unpredictable. The point is that the brain is guided by the perceptions and not by the reality. The majority of decisions are made by subconscious mind – System 1. And people don’t have an access to such deep mental processes – they are hidden from our conscious. That's why people often can’t properly explain reasons for their recent behavior. Implicit research methods are designed to identify real responses – the hidden truth that people are not conscious of. 
At the same time, the System 2 is equally important and can't be simply written off from the new age research list. System 1 and System 2 don’t work in isolation, they work in pair, complementing each other. Thus, in order to get deep insights, we should measure explicit and implicit responses together.

About Dmitry Gaiduk

Dmitry is a market researcher with over 20 years of working experience. He is always keen on trying new technologies. After nine years as a General Director of major research agency, he found a software company in San Francisco and has been an advocate of research automation for the last five years. Dmitry enthusiastically takes part in every step of the way to taking the industry to the next level.