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Janek Rubeš

Video Maker at

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From zero to 200,000+: How I built Honest Guide

Growing a YouTube channel to over 200,000 subscribers in just a few short years is no easy feat. But Janek Rubes has done just that with his well-known Youtube show, Honest Guide. In his talk, Janek will tell you he got started and was able to create content that had a real impact on tourism in Prague. In addition, you'll learn tips for successfully gaining followers and what mistakes he's made that you should avoid. This is one talk you won't want to miss!

About Janek Rubeš

A tireless video creator, the public enemy for tourist scammers in Prague, and a necessary storyteller for travelers around the world. Janek is the Honest Guide YouTube Channel star. Thanks to this project, he has deservedly earned several recognitions and awards such as “Czech 30 under 30” by Forbes Magazine and the Kristalova Lupa award. He also launched different popular TV series such as Praha vs. prachy (Prague versus Crooks) or  Život v luxusu (Life in Luxury).