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Jan Charvát



Fast and Fabulous – new font format not only for geeks

You get more for less! No, it is not bad advert for overpriced service. Variable fonts are very probably the future of type on the web. Jan's lecture will introduce you new font format which is making its place on the desks of typographers, in font production and more important – on the web. Weights, widths, slants, kilobytes, megabytes and even animations will be flying around. 


Visual Inventions
, Lucerna Music Bar

About Jan Charvát

Jan Charvát studied graphical application programming at Czech Technical University in Prague. After finishing school, he went freelance and also worked as an evening news graphic operator for 10 years. He then moved to Germany and worked for Monotype as a font engineer, specialized in scripting and large family production with a focus on diacritics. Now, he's back in Prague freelancing and teaching type theory and graphic design at two major higher education institutions. His current hobbies include web coding and web design.