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Běla Beránková

Curious Bitch at

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Honza Valder

Chief Crayon at Livesport

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Enterprise UX: Harder, Better

Startup is a piece of cake. But how do you teach UX a massive institution? Honza and Běla have hands-on experience with one of the largest Czech banks. From building a UX team from scratch, to winning the prizes, to learning that everything is terrible and feeling depressed, to getting their shit together, rebuilding and implementing the UX competence on top level. Jakob Nielsen says it takes years to build enterprise UX? Hold our beers...

About Běla Beránková

Běla is vegetarian, doesn’t eat cooked carrots, olives, pumpkin, raisins, cilantro and avoids beer. Apart from that, she’s skilled UX researcher with deep background in FMCG and marketing. Běla co-leads award winning MONETA Money Bank UX team and specializes in qualitative research, feedback analysis and kicking other people’s butts.

About Honza Valder

You may not know Honza, but Honza sure knows your bills - he’s worked for every major bank in Czech republic. Specialized in Fintech UX, he now co-leads award winning UX team at MONETA Money Bank. Honza rarely eats green beans and never, ever vegetable spread.