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Martin Michálek

CSS specialist

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Does AMP make sense to our websites?

We frequently discuss the philosophical controversy of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. But available case studies show that to certain types of websites it is really helpful. In addition, Google pushes AMP into new segments: for example e-commerce or e-mail. In the talk, we will look at the numbers from the Czech projects and will think about cases where it is worth using AMP. We are also going to look at the drawbacks. Aren't business benefits redeemed by difficulties in design and development departments?

About Martin Michálek

Martin Michálek is a freelance frontend designer and consultant with nearly 20 years of experience. He authored the book „Vzhůru do (responzivního) webdesignu“, writes blog and co-founded community He has recently worked for clients such as Radio Free Europe, Czech TV or VašeČoč