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Yael Keren

Head of UX at Clicktale


Designing Conversational UIs

If once, conversational user interfaces were science fiction, a thing of the future, today there are platforms and relatively simple tools for programming a simple voice application. However, a conversational UI does not necessarily have a visual user interface. I, as an interaction designer, need to design this interaction but how do I do this without wireframes or visual design? What are my deliverables? What do I pass on to the developer?

In this talk I will share what I have learned from a workshop that I attended at the Google Developer Experts Summit, about Conversational UI. I will talk about the work process, the deliverables, and I will give some practical tips for designing conversational UIs.

About Yael Keren

Yael is a passionate and dedicated UX leader with 10 years of experience in all aspects of UX, creating simple and usable applications.

Nowadays, Yael is managing the User Experience team at Clicktale, a leading digital customer experience company, where she and her team are leading the vision and redesign of the new strategic Clicktale solution.

For the past 5 years Yael is a UX mentor at the Google Launchpad program, where she works with start-ups, and mentors them on UX research, concept and design.

Prior to Clicktale, Yael has worked at companies such as IBM, HP and SAP as well as well known local design agencies, creating UX concepts and designs for multiple innovative and strategic solutions.

Yael is a certified Design Sprint Master and IBM Design Thinking facilitator and has lectured about UX topics worldwide.

Yael is a proud mother of 2 and loves traveling and learning new things.