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Pascal Heynol

Experience Designer at USEEDS°

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Design is Communication

When's the last time you saw some quirky looking furniture and people called it a designer piece? Or an impractical piece of kitchenware? An uncomfortable couch? Oftentimes, the general public has no perception of what the job of design actually is. That's unfortunate, but OK. What's worse is that many in our own industry don't understand what their core job is. Overly specific job titles and niche tasks are only amplifying that problem. No matter what kind of designer you are, the relevant approach and core skill set should always be the same. It's just the mastery of a domain, a set of techniques and constraints, that differ. That core skill is communication. Sure, there are many other aspects that are relevant in design. Design should sell. Design should beautify. But above all, design is the intentional transfer of a message, through a certain medium, to a specified audience. Knowing this, and the basics of communication theory, is key to good design. It's the foundation of what we know as human centered design. If it's not clear what you're trying to say you're just making art. Let's look at the premise of communication for design and what this means for your day-to-day as a designer. We'll explore how you can use this knowledge to your advantage throughout various stages of the design process. A simple framework is all you need to set your designs up for success.

About Pascal Heynol

Hi, I’m Pascal. Berlin-based designer, but from beautiful Kempten (Allgäu). On my journey, I moved all over Germany, but also Hong Kong and Ethiopia, and learned a lot about research, psychology, design and coding. Last I did everything you call UX - research, concept, visual - at Mister Spex, got deep into design systems and AR. I write about things I know and discuss what I don’t. Lately, I’ve focused on AI in relationship to humans and technology, such as through voice apps or in virtual environments.