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Ladislav Prskavec

Senior Manager Software Development at Apiary

Web | Twitter | Linkedin | Github

Standa Opichal

Software Architect at Apiary


Control drone using your computer

This workshop is for developers using their code in Golang or NodeJS to control DJI Tello drone. Workshop is designed for complete beginners with drones not with programming language. Is good to have Golang or NodeJS installed on your laptop. We will make a few exercises to fly with drone using computer. Bring your computer and microUSB cabel.

About Ladislav Prskavec

Ladislav Prskavec works as a leader of the SRE Team in Oracle Apiary. Besides programming in NodeJS, Ruby and Go lang, he organizes Go Lang Meetups in Prague. 

About Standa Opichal

Full stack developer. Worked on wide range of diverse projects like the Systinet SOAP stack, VMWare’s Site Recovery Manager, GoodData Charting library and frontend in general, HPE’s Service Virtualization. Earlier I helped to develop ARAnyM (68040 Atari emulator) and recently I like digging into the IoT world like running JavaScript on MCUs.