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Sally Lait

Director at Records Sound the Same

Web | Twitter | Linkedin

Changing the world with the web

With the rising popularity of working in more agile ways, we’ve been taught to move away from the big old projects of yore and focus instead on smaller, actionable outcomes. But what happens when you’re trying to achieve a massive vision of large-scale, long-term change; in this case working to get an entire sector to change its relationship with digital, technology, and collaboration? Real change and transformation can be extremely difficult, take a long time, and be a rocky road to tread. 

In this case study-led talk I’ll tell the story of how I’ve been part of a team working to combat inactivity, spark innovation, and create a better online customer experience around sport and physical activity through open data. I’ll be speaking about the process of change, the balance between technology and people, lessons learned, and how these all relate to our work with the web. Using a series of practical demonstrations spanning data visualisation, neural networks, JAMstack web development, online tools like, and Google Sheets as a data store I’ll also show how development skills can be a powerful tool within transformation projects.

You will leave armed with new practical tips and ideas, and hopefully inspired to make some positive change in the world.

About Sally Lait

Sally is a digital consultant based in the UK. Through her company Records Sound the Same she helps organisations from big to small with their digital transformation, discovery, planning, and strategic decisions, with clients including the RNLI, Inghams, Prolifiko, Sport England, and Manor Racing F1 team. A mix of user-led thinking, innovation, and solid technical principles is what drives her work - helping people to understand opportunities for change, the choices they have, and how to make these happen. Sally is also an Associate and Member of the Open Data Institute, author, gamer, tea fanatic, and tweets as @sallylait. You can find out more about her work at and