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Tereza Kosnarová

User Experience Researcher at Stride XL

Web | Linkedin

Robert Fujdiar

Agile Coach at Freelance


Faster, stronger: How does user research fit in an Agile world?

Agile is here to stay and there is no going back. As a designer you may probably know pretty well how hard it is to sell user research to your product owner. Design activities are generally accepted by agile teams but we cannot always say that about the research activities.
We have spent hours interviewing user researchers, agile coaches, scrum masters and product owners. Our goal was to find out why certain teams accept and practice research more than others and we want to share our findings with you.

About Tereza Kosnarová

Hi! I am Tereza and I observe people. Officially, you can call me user researcher or UX designer. Rather than websites, grids and buttons I design services that make sense to humans.

You've experienced it yourself – doors that open to the wrong side or services that really frustrate you. I am here to help! I also teach people how to use Human Centered Design to make their products or services even better.

About Robert Fujdiar

Agile coach, trainer and Scrum master. Leading individuals, teams and companies to efficiency, self organization and 'doing the right thing'. Worked mainly for SW houses ranging from mainframe systems to mobile apps but also has an experience from manufacturing and banking and car industry.