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Bartłomiej Rozbicki

Head of VR / AR at Ars Thanea


VR/AR are not flashy toys anymore. How to use new technologies and deliver good results. (based on use-cases)

In Ars Thanea we strongly believe that we live in the future. Most of us just aren’t aware of that. Our job is to educate and evangelize what could be achieved with usage of the new technologies and breach the boundaries. During the talk, Bartłomiej will take you on the journey and explain how they approach every project to get the best results. He will present how VR/AR can positively enhance your company business needs.

About Bartłomiej Rozbicki

Bartlomiej is co-founder of Warsaw-based creative production studio Ars Thanea ( Previously for 8 years in game development business. Presently head of VR/AR in Ars Thanea. Ars Thanea is multiple awarded worldwide known CGI production studio located in Warsaw/Poland. Privately big fan of board games, video games and music.