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Roman Hřebecký

Design Visionary at Pábení

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Get over the darn silo

A lawyer, a UX designer, a banking advisor, a B-1 manager, and an IT guy from the basement meet and...

If it sounds like the beginning of a stupid joke, you probably live in silo. You're in a department where you belong, and you’re good at what you do. You might also think that you can't influence things that aren’t your responsibility.

But what if there were design tools, procedures, and tactics which mutually help different people within companies, universities, and ministries to create respect and the respectful functioning of multidisciplinary teams that deliver clear results?

About Roman Hřebecký

Roman used to be a great copywriter, but then he committed a terrible crime. He started thinking and asking questions that no one else asked. He wanted to understand the meaning of the campaigns and the websites, where his copy would be used. That’s how he got into the world of UX, research, honest marketing, and design. And then, he founded Pábení.