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Chris Thunes

Principle Software Engineer at Bronto Software

Linkedin | Github

1 billion events per day: Lessons learned building a distributed message broker

Particularly with the rise in popularity of Kafka, more companies today are adopting message brokers. When Bronto began moving to a microservice architecture in 2013 we identified the need for a message broker to support the event driven and pub/sub patterns that were (and still are) core to our platform. After evaluating RabbitMQ and Kafka, we opted to build our own message broker which we named Spew. Today, Spew is a central part of Bronto's software platform and handles over a billion messages a day.

In this talk we'll discuss the lessons learned building and adopting a message broker, and provide some suggestions to those considering adopting a message broker themselves.

About Chris Thunes

Chris is a backend software engineer at Oracle Bronto where he leads the Infrastructure Team. His team is responsible for the core libraries, services and tooling used by Bronto's product development teams to build and deploy software operating at scale. He enjoys working on distributed systems, scalability and fixing bizarre bugs (the weirder the better).