The web event of the year September 22nd-23rd, 2017 at Lucerna Palace in Prague, Czech Republic

Designing for connected products

The Internet of Things is changing the kinds of products designers will be working on. Connected products involve interactions across multiple devices, places and interface types. Business models change towards service models, value propositions become multifaceted, and the systems we design for become technically more complicated.

In this talk, I’ll explain how design for IoT is different, what some of the new design challenges are, which prototyping methods are particularly useful for IoT and what we designers should all be aware of as we design these new products and services.

Martin Charlier

Martin is design generalist with wide-ranging experience across design strategy, design research, interaction & industrial design, interactive art and critical design. He has worked at Frog, Fjord, Method and Random International and now consults businesses in UX and service design. He’s a co-author of ‘Designing Connected Products’ and a co-founder of Rain Cloud (which is a project exploring ambient connected products).