The Principles of Responsive Web Design

Paul Robert Lloyd Paul Robert Lloyd GB Independent graphic designer and front-end web developer


The web is nearly 25 years old, responsive design as an approach to designing for it more than five years old. By now we should have an understanding of the principles that form the basis of successful (responsive) web design, and a framework within which we can talk about how well our work meets the aspirations and founding ideals of the medium. What might these principles be?

Jan Šrůtek, specialist adviser: “I admire Paul’s multi-disciplinary skillset, craftsmanship, and his holistic thorough approach to designing and building digital products. His practical articles gave me lots of useful pointers in the early days of responsive web design, and he continues to be at the cutting edge of latest trends in web design and development. His talks and articles always gave me tons of valuable insights.”

Paul Robert Lloyd, Independent graphic designer and front-end web developer

Paul Robert LloydPaul is an independent graphic designer and front-end developer, whose clients include BBC, Unicef UK and eBay. When he’s not writing for publications like net magazine, A List Apart and 24 Ways, he can be found working on side projects (he’s currently digitizing George Bradshaw's railway guide) or blathering on Twitter.