Supercharging your React applications

Robbie McCorkell Robbie McCorkell GB User Interface Developer at Red Badger


Over the last year React has quickly changed from being the new kid on the block, to the next big framework everyone wants to use. As the React community grows, so too does the number of great ideas and tools people can use in their own React apps. Many of these tools have no official implementation, but can be extremely useful to integrate into your apps.

In this talk I will discuss some of the latest ideas the React community has to offer, and how you can use them to supercharge your React applications, including:

– Isomorphic rendering and routing – The advantages of global application state – Immutable data structure and how they make React even better – And more!

Robbie McCorkell, User Interface Developer at Red Badger

Robbie McCorkellRobbie is a web developer, specializing in front-end developerment. He builds user interfaces exactly the way the designers intended. He's been building large-scale React applications for over a year, and has recently been playing around a lot with React Native. McCorkell is also a organizer of the popular React Meetup in London, which meets once a month to share tips and tricks.