Research in BBC. Will people use it?

Jiří Jeřábek Jiří Jeřábek CZ UX Designer at Telegraph Media Group


Jiří will share practical experience with prototyping new services at the BBC Research & Development. As part of his work, he seeks answers to fundamental questions such as: Will people use it? Which behaviours and habits will emerge as a result of the new services? How to design a product people will use repeatedly?
Using practical examples, Jiří will show ways of testing new products and services without being constrained by low budget or lack of time. The examples will cover all stages of designing and development – from initial concepts to high-fidelity prototypes. He will also present Lean Experience Mapping, a method used at the BBC for immediate evaluation of user experience sentiment.

Jan Šrůtek, specialist adviser: “Jiří is an enthusiastic and thoughtful digital designer who constantly explores new approaches to UX research and design. After a few years at London’s top design&build agencies, he did lots of interesting work at the BBC, especially around researching and conceptualising new media experiences. Jiri is always happy to share his learnings about the process and tools he used.”

Jiří Jeřábek, UX Designer at Telegraph Media Group

Jiří JeřábekJiří has worked as an interaction designer at BBC Research & Development for 2 years, where he prototypes new technology and user experiences for discovering new content. He leads UX team for Mobile Apps in Telegraph Media Group from September. He's worked as a UX consultant on a number of products and services for end-users and corporate clients, including interfaces for set-top boxes, smart TVs, mobile apps, and cloud services. In his free time, he organizes the popular London research and design meetup,