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Desktop, Mobile and Hybrid Web Apps. And the Tools to Rule Them All.

Developing web applications for both desktop and mobile devices is hard. But comprehensive integrated tools can make this easier.

What is the talk about?

Petr: We will discuss various aspects of developing web applications that work on both desktop and mobile, and how integrated tools can make development more productive.

Who is it for?

Petr: Developers who build web applications using client-side technologies for desktop and mobile clients, especially those utilizing concepts such as single-page applications, responsive web design, MVVM frameworks, hybrid mobile applications, CSS preprocessors and more.

What will the audience get from it?

Petr: This talk aspires to cover a broad range of development topics, such as:
- JavaScript editing and debugging
- Using JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, Knockout.js and others
- Visual editing of CSS styles following Responsive web design techniques
- Testing and debugging on various target browsers and mobile devices
- Hybrid application development using the PhoneGap framework
- Using CSS preprocessors such as SASS and LESS
- JavaScript testing and test frameworks
- Troubleshooting client-server communication
We will use an integrated development tool that supports the above.

Why do you want to attend WebExpo Prague?

Petr: WebExpo is a great conference on web technologies, which presents a broad range of topics, and many analyzes the web from many angles. I am really interested in interactions with other professionals (both in sessions and outside) to get input and ideas for improvements of our tool, as well as to tell others about this tool and its qualities.

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Petr Jiřička

Petr Jiřička

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