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19 – 21 September

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  • Jesse
    James Garrett

    Chief Creative Officer
    Adaptive Path

  • Steve

    Head of Platform API

  • Ron
    J Williams


  • Oli

    Strategic Design Principal / Creative Director

  • Barbara

    Senior Architect, Mobile Web & Performance
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

On many exciting topics

  • Front-End Development

    Nick Fisher

    Director Web Engineering, SoundCloud

    Making Single Page Apps Work

    Darcy Clarke

    Senior UX Developer, Freelance

    Documenting Interfaces

    On boarding someone new to a project can be time consuming. UI documentation is hard. Let's change that!

    Daniel Steigerwald

    Developer, Freelance

    Huge Web Apps

    Apps with millions lines of code maintained by hundreds of SWEs. Can vanilla JS + HTML5 do the job? If not, what can? TypeScript? Dart?

    Matthew McClure

    Developer Evangelist, Brightcove

    HTML5 Video: Present and Future

    HTML5 video has quickly become the new hotness. How has it grown, where's it going, and what can we use now.

    Sebastiano Armeli Battana

    Senior Software Developer, REA Group

    Dependency management and Package management in JS

    #dependency_management #requirejs #js

    Jakub Mrozek

    Software Developer, Lingano.com

    Single-page applications

    Why SPAs dramatically reduce the cost of web developement.

    Jirka Kosek

    Consultant, Freelance

    Saxon CE – Interactive browser based applications without single line of Javascript

    XSLT is not dead!

    Robin Pokorný

    Front-End Engineer, LMC

    How to Turn Your Ugly Old CSS into a Clean Future-Ready Beauty

    Refactoring CSS to make it maintainable, modular, speed optimized, documented and testable without devoting a whole month to it.

    Jakub Fojtl

    Embedded Systems Developer, Y Soft Corporation

    Web development for embedded devices

    How we fight with browsers embedded in office printers

  • Software Development

    Steve Corona

    Head of Platform API, Life360

    Scaling LAMP doesn't have to suck

    I went from sleeping in front of my laptop, restarting apache every hour, to automatically scaling servers from my phone.

    James Abley

    Technical Architect, Government Digital Service

    A startup within UK government

    government = innovative + agile + value for money?

    Jakub Vrána

    Privacy Engineer, Google

    Code Reviews with Phabricator

    What's the value of code reviews and how you can do them in Phabricator.

    Karel Minařík

    Software Developer, Elasticsearch

    Elasticsearch: Beyond Simple Fulltext Search

    Search and Analyze Your Data With Elasticsearch

    Thomas Sundberg

    Owner, Think Code AB

    How to fail a software project fast and efficiently?

    Failing a software project is very easy. You may do it without even knowing why. I will tell you why in this presentation.

    Grzegorz Witek

    software developer, Sponsorpay GmbH

    ... but we had to kill unicorns

    How to handle 200k reqs/min with multi-threaded Ruby on Rails application

    Štěpán Bechynský

    Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

    How-to write Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 apps with shared core

    Build for both

    David Majda

    Senior Software Engineer, SUSE

    Code Reviews FTW!

    What did we learn after 1½ year of practicing code reviews in several teams.

    Jaroslav Šnajdr

    Product Development Manager, Kerio Technologies

    Getting a Business Collaboration Service Into Cloud: A Case Study

    Want to build a complete service product in cloud? Come and learn what it takes.

    Radek Simko

    Senior Developer, Zappit

    ok glass, bring me a mojito

    I'll share experience of wearing Glass and try to open a debate about future use cases.

  • Design Process

    Jesse James Garrett

    Chief Creative Officer, Adaptive Path

    Design for Engagement

    Because users want to be engaged by products and services, designers need to understand modes of engagement and how to create it.

    Oli Shaw

    Strategic Design Principal / Creative Director , Consultant

    Strategic design. Probes, coaxing & manipulation

    Creating the glue to hold a vision together while it's being made real

    Carlo Frinolli

    Creative Director/UX Designer, nois3

    Visual Design Thinking

    Telling stories starts from listening to people, and co-creating with them

    Vincent van Scherpenseel

    UX Designer / Founder, dotBlue

    The importance of contextual user testing

    Assumption is the mother of all f#ck-ups.

    Lukáš Plíhal

    Web Narrator, Freelance

    Web Design Pattern

    Basic design steps

    Petr Štědrý

    UX Designer and Product Manager, GoodData

    Design without critique is like a flower without water

    Do not let your creations wither without critique. Harness its power and improve your designs.

    Michal Hudeček

    Managing Director, Maintop Businesses

    Web Directing: Conceptual thinking in online projects

    Learn how to combine business, design and technology aspects of your website using simple logic of film directors.

    Dominika Potuzakova

    Design Engineer, Technology University Eindhoven

    Empathy Design

    Designing for health care & well-being

    Jiří Sekera

    Opinion Leader Impact Engager, Refresh, s. r. o.

    UX is dead! #OLIE is the Next Big Thing

    Confused about overusing of "UX" buzzword? Big changes are coming!

    Wolf Becvar

    COO, HotGloo

    Some things you can't wireframe

    Designing for experience by identifying customer touchpoints.

    Adam Fendrych

    UX Designer, Česká televize

    Fake Your Research

    Learn the dirtiest tricks to skew the results of your user research (and how to avoid them if you fight for the Light side)

    Ivan Potančok

    CEO, webdesigner, vibration s.r.o.

    Prototyping with bootstrap & less

    Another view to make prototypes using bootstrap and less instead of wireframing software.

  • Service Design

    Philip Bonhard

    Director / Co Founder, Newt Idea

    Design Beyond the Screen

    Introducing Service Design Thinking to Technology Design

    Adam Hazdra

    Head, Institute for Public Services

    Service Design in 15 minutes

    A brief introduction to service design for all who create experiences for their audience.

    Nik Page

    Manager, UX, Česká spořitelna

    Emergent Service Design: Collaborating Toward SD Thinking in the Real World

    A UX nut nudging a big, traditional, conservative company to an SD way of being.

  • Cross-Channel Design

    Barbara Bermes

    Senior Architect, Mobile Web & Performance, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

    Embracing performance in today’s multi-platform macrocosm

    Let's make performance optimization and automation a fun piece of your multi-platform development cycle

    Sabrina Majeed

    Designer, Venmo

    How to Break the Rules & Get Away With It

    How to approach designing on platforms with strict design guidelines and conversely how to design the guidelines for such platforms.

    Mariya Yao

    Founder & Creative Director, Xanadu

    Common Mobile Design Fails (And How To Fix Them)

    Stop Making Crappy Apps

    Avi Itzkovitch

    UI/UX Consultant, XG Media (Freelance)

    Designing with Sensors: Creating Adaptive Experiences

    Use smart device technology, sensors and user data to design a better UX

  • Accessibility

    Andrew Zusman

    User Experience Designer, Inkod-Hypera

    Universal Design & Accessibility in the Typing Experience: The Sound of One Hand Typing

    Typing with one-hand in a two-handed world.

    Radek Pavlíček

    Accessibility Consultant, Blind Friendly Web

    How to improve UX by implementing accessibility

    By way of practical examples I would like to demonstrate how implementing accessibility could make life of your users easier and happier.

    Jakub Tománek

    Software Development Engineer, Skype

    Accessibility in High Contrast Mode

    Not everyone is fully blind

  • Creativity, Communication & Marketing

    Ron J Williams

    Co-Founder, Knodes


    The Future of Marketing is not Marketing at All

    Polle de Maagt

    Founder / Prime minister, Ministry of World Domination

    Service is sales

    Service is sales or: the return on social media

    Michael Kamleitner

    CEO / Co-Founder, Die Socialisten

    Open Graph Sponsored Stories

    Laser-Focused Ad-Targetting for Facebook Apps and Content

    Jan Tichý

    Founder, Medio Interactive

    Universal Analytics

    Hot news, current status and existing limitations in the new generation of Google Analytics.

    Petr Kosnar

    UX/UI designer & researcher, IamPetr.com


    Facebook, social experiment, life online, trust, information disclosure, teenagers, social responsibility. Fakebook.

    Ondřej Krátký

    Co-Founder & the Marketing Guy, ADLER iTech

    Don't innovate just your product

    Great product goes better with the right go-to-market strategy

  • Management

    Eirik Hafver Rønjum

    Content strategist, The Norwegian Directorate of Health

    Designing the organization...

    … or how to avoid the customer ruining everything you have created.

  • Content Is King

    Sarah Richards

    Head of Content Design, UK government

    Revolutionising the UK government's content

    GOV.UK - a case study in killing content

    Marli Mesibov

    Content strategist, Freelance

    What’s in a Story?

    Creating Powerful Content through Storytelling

    Richard Ihuel

    co-Founder, MOBS

    SmartTV - A smart ecosystem

    A quiet revolution about content, technology, and money!

  • Product Development

    Christina Wodtke

    Chief Instigator, Wodtke Consulting

    The Executioner's Tale

    Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.

    Lukas Fittl

    Lean Practitioner & Entrepreneur, Spark59

    We built it, and they didn't come

    A failed product launch, a successful product launch - what did we do different?

    Radek Matěj

    UX Designer, Kentico

    Take Hold of the Wheel; Become a Product Owner

    In these agile ages, product management is no longer rocket science. Use backlog and communication to materialize your vision.

    Flavius Ștef

    Agile Coach and Trainer, Mozaic Works

    Stop throwing money out the window

    Build what the customer needs using Lean Startup principles, validated learning and continuous delivery

    Tiang Cheng

    Project Manager, TranslateKarate

    Speaking to a European world

    5 tips to a successful multi-lingual website!

  • Founder Stories

    Václav Muchna

    CEO & Co-founder, Y Soft Corporation

    Y Soft global story

    Designed by Y Soft in the Czech Republic, assembled by Y Soft in the Czech Republic. Sold in 80+ countries ;-)

    Adii Pienaar

    Founder, PublicBeta

    Lessons learnt running a global startup from the edge of the world

    Inspire other startups to aim higher and build global companies.

    Tomáš Čupr

    Founder & CEO, Damejidlo.cz

    Founder Dámejídlo.cz


    Jakub Nešetřil

    CEO, Apiary

    Founder & CEO Apiary

    Behind every success is a long string of screw-ups

    Georgi Kadrev

    co-founder, Imagga

    Fixing Image Organization

    Can a global problem as image organization be disrupted out of the SV?

    Mirek Černý

    CTO, Futurelytics

    Founder & CTO Futurelytics

    Bernd Gruber

    Founder, indoo.rs

    Communication in growing startups

    Starting from a 2 person startup to a 16 people company brings leads to challenges in terms of internal communication

    Fredrik Debong

    Community Relations Lead, Co-founder, mySugr GmbH

    Blood, sugr, apps, magick

    From crazy idea, to a regulated medical app

    Vladimír Sedlařík

    CEO, OrganizeTube s.r.o.

    Get your online videos organized

    Make it as easy as possible

    Michal Truban

    Founder & CEO, Websupport

    Founder & CEO Nicereply, Websupport


  • Big Data

    Michal Bachman

    Principal Consultant, GraphAware

    (Big) Data Science

    Got Big Data? Now what are you gonna do with it?

    Michael Juřek

    Software Architect, Microsoft

    Big Data and Cloud - Better Together?

    2 + 2 is not always 4. Sometimes it's 3 and sometimes 5.

    Pavel Kordík

    vice-dean for development, Czech Technical University in Prague

    Why you need predictive models and recommender systems?

    Data science in your business

    Ameya Kanitkar

    Big Data Engineer, Groupon

    Using Hadoop and HBase to Personalize Web, Mobile and Email Experience for Millions of Users

    Big Data Tools to Build Personalization

    Vojta Roček

    Data Analyst, Keboola

    How big is big data hype?

    Intro for everyone who doesn't know what big data really is

  • Internet of Things

    Patrick Zandl

    co-founder, Energomonitor

    Energy industry post Edison, Křižík & IoT

    electricity, Internet of things, big data, smart data, smart grid, smart metering

    Petr Ocásek

    Founder CEO, Click2stream

    Internet of Things for Dummies, CEOs & hackers

    What is Internet of Things (IoT) and where is the value when devices talks with each other

    Štěpán Bechynský

    Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

    Internet of Things and Open Data

    There are more autonomous devices on internet than humans.

    Avi Itzkovitch

    UI/UX Consultant, XG Media (Freelance)

    The myth of the “Smart” Fridge

    A look at the Internet of Things and the future Smart Fridge.

  • Life Hacking

    Richard Fridrich

    Product Designer, Centrum Holdings

    How to get any job worth getting

    Looking for a job is unpleasant, stressful, even humiliating experience. Because you're doing it wrong.

    Josef Průša

    CEO / Founder, Prusa Research s.r.o.

    Open Hardware 3D printing and The Internet

    Online co-operation of Open Hardware community

    Vojta Roček

    Data Analyst, Keboola

    I had a pub

    and it sucked :)

    Adam Hrubý

    designer ♥ creative, freelance

    What do you expect?

    Bananas? Did you? Really?

    Luboš Louženský

    Digital Strategist, Freelance / WMC/GREY

    Small Changes, Big Impact

    What life has taught me so far

    Tomáš Slavíček

    editor, photographer, freelance

    Digital nomad lifestyle

    Are you silly enough to try it? I was.

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