Tripomatic: year after

“Learn from the mistakes we have made and get inspired by what we have succeeded in.”

Business Hall 30 min


  • What is it about?

    Lukáš: What did we get from winning the WebExpo Startup Show, why did we decline investment offer from MITON, what have we achieved and what troubles have we gotten into in past 12 months and what we're up to.

    Barbora: What are the biggest pitfalls when making a product for travelers. How to promote such a product and what issues you are sure to encounter.

  • What will the visitors get from it?

    Lukáš: Opportunity to learn from our wins and fails, T-shirt for a smart question or feedback.

    Barbora: They will learn how to market an international project, what works and what is just a waste of time.

  • For whom it is?

    Lukáš: For start-up people and in general all folks that are keen to venture creating something new.

    Barbora: For people interested in online marketing and/or for anybody who wants to make an international website.

  • What do I presently work at?

    Lukáš: Together with the team we're working hard on bringing to life Tripomatic 2.0. We're doing our best to incorporate everything we have learned so far into 2.0.

    Barbora: I work on promoting and marketing websites and

  • Which of my existing achievements do I value the most?

    Lukáš: There's nothing particular on my mind.

    Barbora: I have built my own company and have not gone crazy so far.

  • What would I like to achieve?

    Lukáš: Our goal is to turn Tripomatic into a profitable business and build global recognition. We're determined to proof that it's doable.

    Barbora: I would like to build a globally successful project.

  • What do I look forward to at the WebExpo?

    Lukáš: To meet my mates and getting to know others.

    Barbora: I look forward to getting together with old friends as well as meeting new people.

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Lukáš Nevosád

co-founder & CEO two bits

Barbora Nevosadova

Marketing Manager two bits