Design as storytelling

Jiri Mocicka

UX Hall, sat 24th sep 12:30
40 min., cs › en

Our environment constantly changing, our clients change their requirements on daily bases even technology we used changed. My question is - how did we changed?

The future of any design is in sharing the ideas. In today practice designers no longer siting outside of development team and developer shouldn’t apply they amazing skills in the basement. I have a chance to work with an amazing people withing most challenging projects across different platform where passion and excitement deliver outstanding result.

A different perspective on design as a discipline where designers don’t limit themselves in terms of technology and objectives. Where storytelling is tied together with overall collaborative process of mixing creativity and technology. Position of UX designer within the international team of differed talents where stories breaking traditional model of advertising and create own-able experience in digital space.


Jiri Mocicka


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